How I fix my problem on database access | django 4.0.3 | channel 3.0.4 | websocket

Adding database access in

using AsyncWebcocketConsumer to add database access instead of using WebsocketConsumer, this is base on the channels tutorial.

# chat/
import json
from channels.generic.websocket import AsyncWebsocketConsumer

class ChatConsumer(AsyncWebsocketConsumer):
    async def connect(self):
        self.room_name = self.scope['url_route']['kwargs']['room_name']
        self.room_group_name = 'chat_%s' % self.room_name

        # Join room group
        await self.channel_layer.group_add(

        await self.accept()

    async def disconnect(self, close_code):
        # Leave room group
        await self.channel_layer.group_discard(

    # Receive message from WebSocket
    async def receive(self, text_data):
        text_data_json = json.loads(text_data)
        message = text_data_json['message']

        # Send message to room group
        await self.channel_layer.group_send(
                'type': 'chat_message',
                'message': message

    # Receive message from room group
    async def chat_message(self, event):
        message = event['message']

        # Send message to WebSocket
        await self.send(text_data=json.dumps({
            'message': message

Now you can use the database access using database_sync_to_async

from channels.db import database_sync_to_async

async def connect(self):
    self.username = await database_sync_to_async(self.get_name)()

def get_name(self):
    return User.objects.all()[0].name

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