Debian 11 Bullseye environment

Debian 11 Bullseye

1. After installing the OS, Update the /etc/apt/sources.list

deb bullseye main
deb-src bullseye main

deb bullseye-security main
deb-src bullseye-security main

deb bullseye-updates main
deb-src bullseye-updates main

deb sid main non-free-firmware


Sudo apt update

to update the sources

sudo apt -u dist-upgrade

4. Install the wifi driver

sudo apt install firmware-atheros

5. Install zsh and change to default bash

Download and install Flutter
1. Download


tar file and extra in home
2. Once extracted update the .zshrc add this line of code:

alias flutter=$HOME/flutter_linux_3.10.6-stable/flutter/bin/flutter

3. Run

flutter doctor -v


flutter –version

** how to update flutter version **
1. Got to flutter directory

cd ~/flutter_linux_3.10.6-stable/flutter


Git checkout 

3. To check run

flutter doctor -v

Download and install Android studio
1. Download


tar file and extract in home
2. Once extracted update .zshrc add this line of code to locate java:

export JAVA_HOME=$HOME/android-studio-2022.3.1.18-linux/android-studio/jbr
export PATH=$PATH:$JAVA_HOME/bin

3. Update missing in flutter doctor. Open the Android Studio(android-studio-2022.3.1.18-linux/android-studio/bin/ and update the sdk.
** how to update java in android studio **
1. Create project in android studio, once project is created just go to settings -> Gradle and change the java version so that it will download and located in ~/.jdks
2. Once the jdk is downloaded in ~/.jdks, symlink the jdr and jre in

$HOME/android-studio-2022.3.1.18-linux/android-studio/jbr and jre

to link to ~/.jdks/

Download and install VSCODE
1. Once download, extract and sync the github account.

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